Q: What Have you Learnt About Technologies From the process of Constructing This Product?

Well, throughout my research and actual construction of my opening I used a number of different things….

Video Camera-

Obviously vital for the task. I borrowed one of the school’s to do my filming.

From filming the opening I have learnt how to do different types of shots…for example, extreme close ups (Usually of a part of a characters face or hands), mid shots (from the top of the elbows, up), over the shoulder (literally filmed over a character’s shoulder) shots etc

This experience has also helped me learn what types of shots are appropriate depending on what is happening with the action and what kind of mood I’m trying to create.. such as if a character’s hands are shaking from fear, we would want to focus on them, as they would tell the audience how the character is really feeling. Therefore we would use an ‘extreme close up’ to capture this moment and make the audience focus their attention on it.

I also learnt that you can use different angles to try a portray a certain feeling. For example, a low angle shot would show power..etc. And, sometimes putting  the camera in a different position can make the film seem more interesting or give the audience a different point of view.

By getting used to filming I also learnt that for the film to look professional, you must keep the camera still at all times.  Unless of course you want to have a shaky camera for a ‘hand held camera’ effect- usually used to show panic or chaos.

So overall I have learnt different techniques to use when filming and how they can improve your overall quality of film.


Also borrowed from the school…

This helped me keep the camera straight and steady throughout the filming. And it also helped me filming at various heights, postions and angles.

Overall I learnt that it was a helpful tool for experimeting with ideas, and could overall help me keep the camera still as the action occured.


I’ve learnt that a blog is a handy tool to keep up with work. It lets me see what I’ve done previously and what work I have left to do. It also helps me show my teachers I’ve done the work without actually having to ‘hand it in’ as anyone can access it.

It was particulary helpful when filming. By recording after every shoot it helped me realise what I’d filmed and what I hadn’t done yet…

At first it was quite hard to use. But I got used to it in a matter of weeks and learnt how to post pictures and videos to help demonstrate my understanding of the website and my research.

Windows Movie Maker…

This was for constructing my storyboard for my film and turning it into a little film of it’s own.

The program was helpful as it helped me make kind of practise ‘opening’ for me to base my final opening on. It was also quite simple to use and it didn’t take long to produce the film.

I learnt how to add basic titles, transitions and special FX to my film. Which prepared me for the more complicated verison of wondows movie maker, which was….

Adobe Premiere elements…

Because I’d never used Adobe premiere elements before, it took some getting used to and was quite complex. After some experience from playing around with films though,I learnt that this program can help make your film look professional. I learnt how to…

 cut certain bits from my film I didn’t want/ were too long to make the film more interesting to watch etc

Add special FX such as ‘ghosting’ to help deliver a desired effect to the audience,

Rip the audio from certain clips so that I could do whatever I want with them,

Add titles to my film with specified sizes, colours and fonts depending on what kind of mood I wanted to create.

I’ve learnt that Elements is a good program to use when trying to enhance amateur films and make them look professional. I’d definetly use it again if making a film.

Some websites I used for research…..

www.artofthetitle.com – This website helped me search for iconic and popular title sequences in films. It was helpful for my own title sequence as it gives you pictures in order, showing how each film’s title sequence plays out. It then made me think about how my own titles would look and what things I should consider before doing it (i.e looking at how other films have done it first) 

www.IMDB.com  – This webiste was perhaps the most helpful for my textual analysis’. It told me all kinds of info. about the thriller’s I’d watched, such as: director, writer, release date, stars, awards and all kinds of other things that was helpful in my research. It helped me gather information about the films I’d seen so that I could go out and make my own film based on my influences.

It also helped me think of what films I should watch. At the start of the course my knowledge of thrillers was quite short. But the IMDB gave me a list of their ‘Top 250’ thrillers of all time (as voted for by regular users of the website). It was here I found ‘Se7en’, ‘The Usual Suspects’, ‘FightClub’, ‘The Prestige’ and decided to watch them for my research.

(IMDB’s top ten thrillers…note the ones I circled)

www.BBFC.co.uk – This website helped me think realistically about my film and it’s content. It helped me think about what might affect audiences/what might not etc if it were to be completed into a full length film. By reading the guidelines I learnt a lot about the process a  film goes to when being rated…especially children’s ones. And that it is very important to think about WHO will be able to acess and buy your film legally before you start to distribute it.

www.freeplaymusic.com – This website was helpful for thinking about backing tracks and sound as a whole. It helped me search for the perfect, uncopyrighted track for my piece and taught me that it is important for the sound to be right to create the right mood in your audience. It also helped me with it’s defined searches, helping me experiment with different kind of tracks and find the right sound I was looking for.

(An example of how the website lets you search for the perfect uncopyrighted music)

www.Google.co.uk – Alas, the faithful search engine was probably the most used website. It helped me search for anything I needed/wanted to know about my influences. It helped me find information about absolutely anything I wanted through it’s search engine..(the pictures are when I searched ‘dead man’s shoes’ which is a thriller, just not one I analysed…)

And also, Google images helped me find pictures to add into my blog for a more, I don’t know…interesting or entertaining touch. It helped show I had done more than just type endless amounts of writing and futhermore helped portray my interest into the films and the subject as a whole.


~ by hannah on May 2, 2010.

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