Q:How Did You Attract/Address Your Audience??

Well, I knew from research that thriller’s openings attract their audiences  in a number of different ways…

Keeping it a Mystery…

In thrillers, the openings tend to keep the plot and characters a mystery, to attract the audience and ultimately make them want to watch on. It keeps them interested as they want to know who a character is/what is happening. I tried to do this in my opening by writing a few words that would connotate a crime in the plot, such as : ‘murder’ and ‘injustice’ which then makes them think ‘well what does this mean? Is something bad going to happen??’ etc etc – making them interested in what is going to happen next.

I also did this with ‘small’ things, such as the ripping up of the child’s picture and the specks of blood at the beginning. I wanted to show the audience a little of what was going on, but not give them the entire picture. If I showed them all of what was going on they would get bored, but the small implications at something bad or wrong happening would attract them to watch the rest of  my film.

I learnt this from watching ‘Se7en’ and ‘The Prestige’. In ‘Se7en’ we see all these gruesome pictures of people being tortured- which addresses the audience and lets them know that something bad is happening- but they don’t see the identity of the person with the pictures. This leaves the audience wanting to know more instead of just being told what is happening.

In ‘The Prestige’ they use a similar technique- the audience watch a magic trick go wrong and one of the main characters (Hugh Jackman) drown as another (Christain Bale) witnesses it. They are addressed and told that a man has died, but do not know yet if the other man was responsible, and will have to watch on to discover the truth.


I attempted to show that my film was a thriller by using specific colours which connotate different things. For example, I chose a white font because it suggests vulnerabilty and innnocence. I chose to have blood being washed down the drain because it connotates murder, anger, danger, hate and bloodshed. I chose for my lighting to be dark because it connotates dark deeds and villianous characters.

I thought these colours would help attract an audience because they connotate that something bad is going to happen and give off a very dark and thrilling atmosphere. It would make them feel tense and want to see what happens in the rest of the film, as it looks like their will be villains, victims, but no sign of any heroes, and this will make them wonder who will take on this role.

Colours can be used in many ways in thrillers. Most notably, mine is a lot like ‘Se7en’s where the titles are in white to suggest innocence (of John Doe’s victims- perhaps Tracy). Dark backgrounds to suggest dark minds and characters (John Doe- the villain). And Red lighting in the villain’s green room to connotate bloodshed and murder (The seven deadly sins victims, John Doe’s death etc). This all gives the audience an idea of how the film will be, and what it will deal with in terms of themes (such as murder and crime) and this will help them determine whether they would want to watch on or not.

The Music…

I intended to use ‘tense’ and ‘upsetting’ music to try and address my audience. I also tried to show them what type of general mood my film will have. It lets them know that my film will deal with upsetting themes such as loss, sacrafice and grief. It overall helps them determine whether they will want to watch on or not.

Music can be important when determining whether you want to watch the rest of a film or not- well, it’s an important factor. For example, if a person who detests chick flicks and romance films starts watching a film, and the first thing they hear is an upbeat pop/girly song, they will immeadiently stop watching as they already know what type of film they’re about to see.

On one hand it is important to try not to ‘scare off’ audiences with backing tracks that don’t fit your genre. But it just depends on the tastes of the audience. I’ve just tried to make sure that my music fits in with what is happening on the screen and the mood I’m attempting to create. Whether the audiences like the music is a different story.

For example, in ‘Se7en’ the audience gets a real idea of what type of film it’s going to be through the remix of ‘Nine Inch Nails- closer’. It’s tense and has mixed sounds like that of a razor or a heartbeat. It makes the viewers feel intimidated- like they are about to watch a mass murder being committed. Which, in fact, they are. So it is true to say that ‘Se7en’ addresses the audience through it’s music and makes it clear what they’re about to watch will be tense, thrilling and psychologically frightening.


~ by hannah on April 29, 2010.

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