What type of audience would my media product attract?

This is a good thing to consider, as the consumer’s are the whole reason for any media product being created. For the audience’s entertainment, to get popularity, and last but not least, money…

So here’s a sample of somebody I think would enjoy my film (if it were to be completed)…

Name: Gordon Byrne

Age: 24

His interests:


Gordon loves films, Tv programmes and books.When dealing with his choice of films it is clear that overall he loves the genre of thriller and the occasional drama or comedy from time to time. He lists his favourites films as :

‘Se7en’ – because it’s creepy and ‘messes with your mind’.

‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ – it’s very psychological and moving to see how mental patients cope in day to day life…

(A still from the Jack Nicholson film)

”The Prestige’– it kept him on the edge of his seat and has a lot of brilliant twists in it

‘The Dark Knight’– you never guess what’s going to happen next

‘The Usual Suspects’ – it’s an extremely clever film with brilliant actor’s and totally ‘unpredictable’ making it more entertaining to watch

‘The Green Mile’ – it’s a very tense and chilling film. Deals with death, mystery and crime, which is what he likes to see in his films.

(Stephen King’s brilliant crime thriller)

Gordon makes it clear that he enjoys psycological and ‘clever’ films. He states that they are ‘more fun to watch…I don’t want to know what’s going to happen in the rest of the film before it’s even started. That’s why thriller’s are so good- they’re so clever that just when you think you know what’s going to happen…they twist everything around…’.


In TV Gordon’s tastes don’t differ. He lists his all time favourite TV shows as:

‘New Tricks’ – He’s likes the crimes the team try to find the culprit to, and often finds he can’t solve the crime before they can. It’s challenging to watch, he says.

‘Life on Mars’– He says this show is probably his favourite. ‘So confusing you’re never really sure what’s going on, so we’re kinda on the same level as the main character, Sam Tyler…but that’s what makes so different to all the rest of the TV shows out there’. Gordon explains that he enjoys the ‘retro’ feel and the brilliant storylines- he says that the culprit is always the one he never suspected and that the series is psychological and totally unpredictable. He also likes the clash of personalities and methods of the coppers in the series. He finds it interesting to see people’s different ‘attitudes towards criminals’ and also finds it ‘quite funny to see the character’s bicker’.

(The fantastic British detective series, Life on Mars, with it’s main cast)

‘Fringe’– He likes the US series because it is ‘very confucing’ and deals with supernatural themes that ‘challenge your brain’.


The novels Gordon enjoys are as follows:

‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest’ by Ken Kesey– he likes the psychological aspects of the book and the deep description of the novelist.

‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker– He says that it is interesting to read about the mental illnesses of shell shocked WW1 soldiers…he says it was ‘different to what I’d usually read, and quite tense in parts’.

(Pat Barker’s novel on the soldier’s mental health during and after WW1 )

‘Firestarter’ by Stephen King– He says he liked this book because it was supernatural and thrilling to read. With also aspects of crime and the FBI

(the king of horror’s Firestarter…a novel about people with supernatural powers)

‘Maximum Ride series’ by James Patterson– Gordon says he enjoyed reading this book when he was a teenager because they were like thrillers in ‘their own right- but more of an action/supernatural thriller than a clever one’.


Although Gordon isn’t a  big fan of music he says he loves David Bowie because he ‘sings songs that can mess with your brain…I’ve always like Bowie’s songs because they’re so…clever is the only word. Any one can listen to his lyrics and instantly feel something, an emotion or a glimmer of a memory…that’s why I like him’. When asked for his favourite song of the artist, Gordon said either ‘Life On Mars’ (because of the great lyrics) or ‘The Heart’s Filthy Lesson’ (because it messes with your head).

He is also a fan of Nickelback, R.E.M, Linkin Park and generally any soft rock music. He sometimes listens to music channels, but not often, and if he does it is on Kerrang! or Q.

Favourite celebrities

Gordon lists his favourite celebs as:

John Simm (actor) – Because he plays a good detective character and usually takes on roles which are clever and linked with crime and law.

 (talented British actor John Simm is well known for his part in Life on Mars as DI Sam Tyler)

Kevin Spacey (actor)- Gordon likes the American actor because he can ‘play a great physcopath…just look at Se7en if you want to see my point’. Gordon says that Spacey’s role as John Doe was the ‘best depiction the film could have hoped for’.

 (Spacey is well known for his brilliant acting as the pyschopath John Doe in Se7en)

David Fincher (director)- Makes good ‘clever thrillers’ so Gordon says. He likes the directors specific style he uses in his films.

So, what does this example tell me?

This example gives me a good idea of what type of person would enjoy my opening if it was made into a full length film. It’s a good thing to consider this as it tells me who my target market/audience is most likely to be. Which is someone who enjoys thriller/horror/drama films, mystery/detective/crime TV programmes and the same genres of books. It lets me know what type of person my film would be likely to attract.


~ by hannah on April 20, 2010.

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