characters/actors/soundtracks and so on…..

Well I thought I’d list, since I’ve pretty much finished my two minute opening, I’d list all the things I’d put in my film IF I made it into a WHOLE film…like which actors would I use (within my own limit). And then which would I use if I was a big hollywood director with all the money in the world to hire any actor I wanted ….

And then the same with sound…what I used in the background…And then what I WOULD have used IF I had the money and IF there was no issues about copyright 🙂


Well, luckily for me, I didn’t really need to use any actors in my two minute opening. Well, I only used one and that was my friend, Naomi. And that was only for her hands.

I chose her because she lives nearby and was really easy to get over and do filming with. She’s also a very trustworthy and close friend, one who will trust my descisions and basically do what I tell her to do! She can also take critisisms without it scaling into an argument and losing precious filming time. So that’s why I chose her.

But…If I was going to film the rest of my film…on a limited budget…this would be my selected cast and reasons:

Male Lead (Max Tyler) – My brother.

 I would use my brother for this role because he fits my interuptation of the character. He is also tall (6 foot 3) and could be seen as quite intimidating on screen. He is also the same age as the character (in his twenties). In acting terms he would be easy to reach and communicate with, being my brother, and would probably understand my descisions on filming without a clash of personalities.

Female Lead (detective Kitty White) – a friend.

Although this friend, who I’ve let be unnamed because I feel it”s more appropiate too, is too young for the role, I would probably choose her. This is because she is very mature in her nature, and also very intelligent, so I believe she could be passable for someone much older. Also, she is a very keen drama enthusiast, and I’ve seen her act before…so I know she would be very convincing and would play her part well. Also, being a friend, I think she would take critisms (although I doubt with her skills of acting there would be any) well and listen to them and take note of what to do.

Welll, on the other hand…if I had lots of money I would choose……

Male Lead (Max Tyler) – paddy considine

I would choose Paddy Considine. Mainly because he is English, (and my film would be English) and is a good actor, if not very well known. He is also quite young (36 years of age) and from previous films he has been in (such as Dead Man’s Shoes, where he played the leading role, pictured below) I know that he can played dark and disturbed characters very well. This is why I would choose him, because I think he’d be able to play the male lead better than most.

Female Lead- (detective Kitty White)- Keeley Hawes

I think I’d choose Keeley Hawes for the role of the female lead because she is a talented British actress, being in many British TV drama’s such as ‘Ashes to Ashes’ (which is currently being aired on the BBC). And I htink her previous role’s have contributed towards my choice. Because in the series she plays a detective, I think she would find it easy to play the role, as this character is a detective also. Also, in ‘Ashes to Ashes’ Keeley plays a character with a personality much similar to the one in my film, and therefore I think she would be a perfect choice. (A picture of the actress is on the left).

So, there are my choices….frankly I think this was a helpful task. It helped me think about my characters and who I would choose if I had the money or time or whatever. So…it hepled me think about the characters in more detail and therefore my plot in more detail. Overall it helped me to think rationally about who I’d choose and why.


Well, in my opening I chose a song called ‘Silent Eninity’. I chose this soundtrack because it was copyright free, which we were specified make sure any sound was, and because I thought it fitted my piece and genre well. It is entirely intrusmental, and has a very low and sorrowful beat, reflecting the feelings I intend to create in my audience through my two minute piece.

Soundtrack I would have chose if copyright and budget wasn’t a problem…

Well…I’m quite stuck…I’ve realised it’s quite hard to determine what would ‘fit’ into my film…but I think either of these two songs would have done fine…

David Bowie- Life on Mars

Well, I chose this song because it is quite confusing, like my plot and most thrillers in general. It also references to law in the lyrics: ‘Take a look at the law man beating up the wrong guy’

These suggest that policeman’s ideas and assumptions on people they believe to be criminals aren’t always correct. This reflects my plot, as the audience would be made to belive that the main character is, a sense, this ‘wrong guy’ being ‘beaten up’ for a crime he didn’t commit. It would help fool the audience into believing the main charcter’s innocence when he really is guilty.. 

The lyrics of the song also reflect the female leading role:

‘It’s a God awful small affair, for the girl with the mousy hair..

But her Mummy is yelling ‘No’…and her Daddy has told her to go…

But her friend is no where to be seen, now she walks through her sunken dream..’

This reflects the feelings of confusion and disapointment in the film itself. The plot, and mainly the ending, are intended to confuse the viewer, and I think lyrics like these would help acheive this sense of confusion.

My other choice…

Alabama 3 -Too sick to Pray

Alabamapic2.jpg image by dreklyzone

I think I’d choose this soundtrack or the David Bowie song. Mainly because it reflects the main character and the issolated life he now has thanks to being falsely accused of his wife’s murder…such as the lyrics..

‘I ain’t seen the sun shine since the sixth of June…

I’m in a crowded place, and I can’t recognize a single face…’

These lyrics would help the audience realise that the main character is one that feels lonely or issolated from others, and this would lead them to ask questions and want to watch on to have them answered.

‘Easy Prey…

Don’t call the doctor, I’m gonna get better..

Don’t run for the priest, I’m gonna find some faith…

Just because I burnt my bible baby, It don’t mean…I’m too sick to pray..’

The whole song in general depicts a troubled man’s mind. He is in a state where he doesn’t know what to do or who to to call upon to help. (like my main character) but through all this, he still has ‘faith’ and a small light of hope that things will get better (which could represent my female lead).



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